Model Homes Available For Sale to Be Moved

Hire a home contractor in Broken Bow, Idabel OK & Clarksville, TX

Trying to find the perfect home can be a challenge. You're at the mercy of someone else's idea of what the perfect home should be. Consider going with a home from Dennis White Construction in Broken Bow, Idabel OK or Clarksville, TX. You can get the house you've always dreamed of, built from the ground up by dedicated home builders.

We offer in-person consultations, during which you can show us pictures and drawings of what you'd like in your home build. We have a lot of materials and samples for you to look at. Your design ideas are uniquely yours, so choose a home builder who will take them to heart. Visit our home builder showroom in Broken Bow & Idabel, OK today. We have model homes available for sale to be moved to your land - we gladly deliver these houses to our clients!

We'll build within your budget

We'll build your home on the lot of your choice, or we can help you find a location. Feel free to talk to us about:

Home design | Contemporary home builds | Log cabin building

You'll save time by dealing with one company that can help you with everything from the design process to the choice of finishes. We will make sure you get the most bang for your buck by providing different options and price points for your budget.

Get a free estimate from a home contractor in Broken Bow, Idabel OK & Clarksville, TX by contacting Dennis White Construction today.

We've been building homes in the area since 2008 since Dennis White Construction opened. We focus on new home construction and also do some remodeling work. Our crew of six will work hard to stick to the timeline we agree on. We use licensed plumbing, electrical, and HVAC contractors on all of our jobs.

Contact Dennis White Construction today to discuss home builds in Broken Bow, Idabel OK, Clarksville, TX and the Texarkana area.